About Us

You’ve found the blog of the Economic Illiteracy Support Group, an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of public debate about economics in New Zealand politics – chiefly by skewering some of the dumber comments made by public figures. Given the level of nonsense currently being talked about economics – by politicians, commentators, economists and self-interested lobbyists, amongst others – it’s past time for someone to point out that simply stating something as fact does not make it so. And that’s our role.

We’re a completely non-partisan organisation. In our experience, stupidity crosses boundaries of race, religion, gender and political persuasion; economic idiocy seems to be an equal-opoportunity employer. So we’ll call out anyone, without fear or favour, when they stray into the land of economic bullshit.

We also run an active outreach programme. It’s our view that – despite the evidence to the contrary – most economic idiocy is due to ignorance rather than malice; it’s a old adage that “you should never attribute to conspiracy what can usefully be explained by stupidity.” So we’re doing everything we can to decrease the ambient stupidity level by providing the real-world interventions that many public figures seem to need in New Zealand. We do this by sending helpful, encouraging feedback, along with the essential reading material – My First Jumbo Book Of Numbers is a perennial favourite – so these public figures can learn from their mistakes, and hopefully stop making themselves look like dicks in public.

Which is why we don’t support comments on our blog. Our day is taken up with combing the interwebbytubes in New Zealand for economic moronism, then intervening to educate and enlighten the people who are putting their foot in the steamy cow-pat of ignorance, an activity that doesn’t allow us the time to engage in the good-natured hurly-burly that is the blogosphere.

Of course, if it’s essential that you reach us (if only to point out a particularly egregious bout of economic stupidity) you can always e-mail us.